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Wild 'n' Woolly Farm is shifting gears, shifting 'views', and taking on a more native look...we are no longer breeding sheep and cattle, and have passed on our legacy to two younger families who will continue our philosophy to breed only the hardiest of animals--productive, sound, well tempered, pastorally fed and nurtured sheep and cows. You will find us @ where I will post spontaneously - photos and musings - as to the what, why, and how 40 years of farming led us to give back to the farm what it graciously gave to us all these many years. I thought it appropriate to change, ever so slightly, the name: Wild 'n' Woolly Farm to Wilding Woolly Farm as that is what has and is happening now. Please join us as we continue OUR journey. Dyeing COOPWORTH wool is my passion - I will continue doing so - utilizing the wool from the 25 sheep we have kept and from those at our legacy farm.. ALL Wild 'n' Woolly COOPWORTH Wool Locks, Roving, Yarns, etc. will be available from our sister farm. We will maintain our presence during the MD Sheep & Wool Festival and the Fall Fiber Festival! Our passion--to pass on excellent breed quality, breeding principles, and find balance in the natural world with all things, great and small, plant and animal...Thank You So Much! We will see you soon........



COOPWORTH RAMS MM#672/83 ("Valentino") AND MM#653/83 ("Cassanova") were direct sons of New Zealand CSSNZ registered ewes imported by Jonathan May of Timberville, Virginia...ewes that we, subsequently, 'inherited' or bought, and kept here at Wild 'n' Woolly until their demise. I could not help myself, and so, gave the two original Wild 'n' Woolly rams above, 'names of interest'! They were sired by Jonathan's CSSNZ registered and imported ram MM#1076/76. Valentino sheared a massive 24 lbs. of wool his second shearing; Cassanova 23 lbs. I still am in awe of these two foundation Wild 'n' Woolly rams. They were built like "tanks". They were (and are) the standard we maintained in our efforts to produce highly prolific, well-fleeced, strong bodied, sound COOPWORTH SHEEP. 

Below is pictured the now four year old ram, "Othor", (freshly shorn with hand blades by me) and named for the farmer who preceded us here at Wild 'n' Woolly Farm, whose progeny speak for themselves. Othor's flock no: WW#042/17 identifies him as "Crackers" WW#0241/10's triplet from the "Cookie" WW#40/83's heritage bloodline. Cookie, MM#40/83, was one of our 10 F1 foundation ewes purchased from Jonathan May in 1984. Othor sheared a >9 month fleece of 16 lbs. in February this year. He is a tank! His highly lustrous, well defined, evenly crimped, long stapled, extremely white fleece is pictured below--much of it was selected for use as white locks and the remaining parts, dyed spruce green and chocolate browns. He has been SOLD to Raheena and Naveed Malik of Maryland. His son, now known as "Major", has been SOLD to Joy and Lance Schreck of Bunker Hill, West Virginia. "Major", WW#64/19, is the most outstanding ram we have produced in all 37 years of raising Coopworths. His head is pictured in the background behind Othor. A photo of him is exhibited on the COOPWORTHS! page. We called him "Lancelot".


From Our Sheep-Processed by the Wild 'n' Woolly Elves-just for 'Ewe"!

We Breed Wools for Softness, Luster, Whiteness, and Well-Defined 'Character', and, in no way, sacrifice our sheep's conformation, ease of lambing, foraging ability or hardiness.

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*Mattie (pictured with the red bow in the header) was a triplet we supplementally bottle fed as a lamb. She stayed with her mom and siblings, but was quite the 'dog' -- always first to the feeder, following us wherever we were in the pasture. I sometimes don't remember the names I give to our sheep as they are uniform enough in appearance now that I do not recognize everyone without referring to their ear tag number, but Mattie stood out. She just did. She passed away April a year ago, after having raised more lambs than most, given a 250% lifetime production lambing record. We kept several daughters and granddaughters. This photo was used as our Christmas card her yearling year in 2010. She is missed. There will never be another "Mattie"--either sheep or the woman who she was named after, the woman who sold me this farm in 1981, who worked harder than most men, raised 6000 chickens, milked cows, lambed out 200 ewes, she and her husband having worked this farm with horses...and raised 5 boys here! None of the 5 were interested in continuing the legacy. We are privileged to have the honor! And we are even more privileged to have Raheena and Naveed Malik take over where we leave off and continue our legacy of raising COOPWORTH SHEEP "New Zealand" style. 


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