WILD 'N' WOOLLY FARM Coopworth Sheep 'n' Highland Cattle

Wool from Our Sheep to Ewe

 Overlooking the Farm House and Farm

This is the view to the EAST coming down from the TARDIS*, shot early one morning in September at sunrise.  The TARDIS is my home away from home, my 'get-away' woman cave--where legends are made, and hand dyed wools are spun into yarns; where letters and diaries are written and ideas are born; where my days are planned and chores prioritized;  where meditation and painting and playing music wrap me in the cloak of nature and all that is good and kind. 

You can see Coopworth sheep grazing in the east paddock beyond the house; Highland cattle roam the hills south and west of the farmhouse - our newest member of the fold is pictured below.


*The TARDIS...my studio and home away from home.(Once I had a TIPI up on the hill behind our house 250 yds. to the NW. A windstorm took it out three years ago, so I replaced it with a small, barn-like, permanent structure --  this is where I write, spin, paint, practice banjo, and enjoy fire-pit evenings with the hubby---and where I 'sleep-with-the-dogs'!)    The name, TARDIS, I borrowed from "Dr. Who"-- the Sci-Fi TV program.  TARDIS stands for 'Time And Relative Dimension In Space' -- seemingly so, a most appropriate place any time to hang out, think, write, spin, weave, knit, paint, 'sleep-with-the-dogs', and just BE!  

The Newest Addition to the Wild 'n' Woolly Fold

Our Highland Bull "AppleJack Jim"

..Star Trails from the Kohl Tree


  All are One with the Force...All Ways!


   2145 EARTH DOG YEAR -- 2018 AC

My friend, Joyce Harman, and I shared this photographic event on our farm February 26 last year during the New Moon...she shot the photographic sequence to generate the 'star trails' that I dramatically enhanced using computer manipulation of color, luminance, and perceptive depth.  The photo shows a "Star Trail" of the movement of stars around the North Star-always true in its relative position in the Sky.  It is the star used by sailors and explorers to navigate through unknown spaces in relative times.  Taken from "Dr. Who", the long standing Sci-Fi television show, which I find quite amusing and rightfully so, 'Outside the Box', I choose to once more give meaning to the term, "TARDIS'--the name of his 'time machine', the inconspicuous, electric-blue phone booth known to travel throughout space and time, larger inside than out, a spaceship in disguise...perhaps, as I write, "Dr. Who", in his current state of being, travels in the "TARDIS", among the stars we trailed, stars we photographed that cold February night for two hours to get this image on our farm at the Kohl Tree--facing north, my "TARDIS" in the far distant view!  

All of Joyce's magnificent 'STAR TRAIL' photographs are posted on her website @ harmanyinnature.com.  It is this photograph, however, that we shared and enhanced to use for our Wild 'n' Woolly 2017 Christmas Card.  I titled it "STAR.DIS"...translated from my perspective, that would honor Joyce's Star Trails efforts...and in turn, capture the essence of the "TARDIS"--Stars' Time And Relative Dimension in Space.  Enjoy!  

   If you wish to purchase this photograph, contact either Joyce Harman on her website or myself here...Thank You!  HOPE   


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GOOD DAY...and a hardy 2018 to all!



We are all One...

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