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Three years now of allowing the farm to 'return to nature'

and to embrace being a native habitat for all beings--

and our 'wild' plant and animal life is flourishing...

Weeds are not weeds if they are not perceived as such.

If ever I needed to understand this, today I understand--the thistles at the barn I had not weed whacked as planned, as done in years past, their sight a bit unwieldy, a scourge upon the landscape, their presence today I find a lesson in "wilding", Mother Nature seeing to it that the Monarch Butterflies on their way south, lacking the nectar of the 'wild' milkweeds of early summer, would have food to nourish them on their flight south--our unsightly thistle patch at the edge of the front barn corral fresh with late fall pink blossoms and nectar rich, giving way to not only nourish the Monarchs passing through, but scores of other butterflies, honey bees, and native insects...I will never again feel the need to whack every thistle, every weed that flowers late and calls out to those wee sentient beings in their journey not unlike our own to simply live, grow, and fulfill their destiny, wherever that takes them, however we view their and our own lives while here on the Earth. Be not so quick to judge 'pretty and not-so-re=pretty'!

Predators are not predators

unless we take from them their native food supply--

and do not protect our livestock

which they perceive as food!   

WILD' areas must be designated...

allowed to revert

to whatever our species-endangered world

WILL nourish and feed!  


Click on any given photo to enlarge and view it properly....Enjoy!

The little Grey Tree Frog, "Woodrow", has taken up residence on the porch and has occasionally come into the hallway to rest for the day. He seems to think he is either dog or human in his relationship with us and 'the pack'. We welcome him - and our resident sparrow, "Jack Sparrow", who finds spending the nights curled inside our wrought iron candle holder on the porch most appealing. Yes, this is a

"wild 'n' woolly wildlife habitat"!